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After several years of waiting, rockstar has released the new grand theft auto 5. Even though it has few bugs, its almost very close to be the best video game ever created.

The story consistence of three outlaws, who are willing to sacrifice anything, in order to complete their missions. Franklin, Michael and Trevor lead the game, with their various individual talents. Franklin is the youngest who is a perfect driver, and Michael is a family man who is  a washed up mobster, in the other hand Trevor is a time bomb who can be extremely aggressive and repulsive. But he’s fun to be around.

This is not one of the games which end in 8-10 hours continuous playing. Even if you could finish the missions, you'll be able to enjoy more by wondering around and doing various activities. You'll be driving planes, stealing cars, jumping down from parachutes while you enjoy the view while tracking down by the police. As long as you don’t do anything illegal like killing and stealing, the police will leave you alone. But the moment you do a crime, they'll chase you down.

It seems, the best parts are yet to come in October. They are going to launch "Grand Theft Auto Online", which is entirely new to their history. And also the PC game will also be released soon enough.

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